Pacific Theater Journalism Double

The Ochelli Effect 7-8-2019 Albert Lanier and James Corbett

Two very different types of journalist joined Chuck on this Moon Day Ochelli Effect. One working from Hawaii and the other from Japan spoke to completely different parts of the news and information streams.

Albert Lanier is a veteran Journalist who now writes for himself instead of the many outlets he once did. His sober approach to media analysis has also had him appearing as a guest commentator for more than a decade on shows that span the media universe in style and content so much, that it would be hard to imagine a place where his insights could not prove informative.

Ochelli and Lanier covered the DNC debates and many candidates in the 2020 selection. Tulsi Gabbard and the fundamental flaws of the process were examined in-depth.

In the second hour James Corbett the unique and prolific producer of constant content that challenges viewers and listeners to think for themselves far outside of the MSM sandbox joined chuck for an unscripted discourse.

Chuck and James covered recent events related to and adjacent to Japan. A discussion of drilling and the culture that runs propaganda in the US also involved the 9-11 issues recently ignored and amplified in the MSM.

Pacific Theater Journalism Double



Pacific Theater Journalism Double

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Pacific Theater Journalism Double – The Ochelli Effect 7-8-2019 Albert Lanier and James Corbett