Optics Ethics Jedi Mind Tricks

Popcorn Politics 3-3-2020 Johnny Ruffier and Jeffrey Matte

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Optics Ethics Jedi Mind Tricks

(Dylan’s Notes)

In this episode of Popcorn Politics, Ted Edmonson and I discuss the news of the last 2 weeks.

This includes Jesse Ventura’s decision not to run for President, Kim Jong Un being found alive, and NY un-cancelling their presidential primary. The bulk of our discussion revolved around 2 elections that were set to take place, one in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional district, and one in California’s 25th Congressional district. The Democratic primary in Nebraska pitted Kara Eastman, a nonprofit manager, against Ann Ashford, the wife of Brad Ashford who lost a narrow primary to Eastman in 2018. We agreed that Eastman was heavily favored and the results bore that out. California’s 25th was more interesting due to the demographics of the district, as well as missteps by the Democrat, Christy Smith. We won’t know the result for a few weeks, but it looks like Ted was likely right about the Republican, Mike Garcia winning solidly.

In hour 2, Mature and I discussed Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker.

Unlike the Last Jedi, where we debated whether the movie was good, we agreed that this was not. This movie was poorly edited and poorly written with a complete lack of focus. Plot points were introduced without explanation. How’s the Emperor back? Who knows. How is force healing a thing? The Force works in mysterious ways. More than that though, the movie is in direct conflict with The Last Jedi thematically. The trilogy felt more like a debate between JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson over how to handle fan service. Johnson believes that charting a new course is more important, JJ believes that fans want familiarity.

You can find Ted on Twitter @RevEdmonson.

Optics Ethics Jedi Mind Tricks – Popcorn Politics 5-12-2020 Rev Edmonson and Mature Maturity

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