Operation Mongoose Lands Dale Plots

The Ochelli Effect 10-3-2017 Mike Swanson and Carmine Savastano

Mike Swanson Author if the War State and man behind Wall Street Window.com join Carmine and Chuck on a Thursday night to discuss one of the most complex operations ever arrayed against a small island nation. Mongoose has an interesting ring to it certainly but the massive under-taking and the wide range of individuals involved is much more shocking than the way it was explained in Oliver Stone’s JFK.Armed with new files and a keen interest Carmine Savastano leads the discussion into areas not often covered in some of the best books on the Kennedy years , or the Assassination. more than half a century later we are still left to untangle the deadly webs that attempted to snare the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro..

 Operation Mongoose Lands Dale Plots

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The Ochelli Effect 2-1-2018 Michael Swanson and Carmine Savastano

Operation Mongoose Lands Dale Plots