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The Ochelli Effect 8-14-2020 Roundtable

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B Pete co-hosted the roundtable show again. Chuck forgot the phones.

What can blue do for you? Were Americans spoiled by a functional postal service?

What will it take for revolting Americans to revolt against the Orange Idiot?

Captain Tripps called. If you don’t have an address, the services will be denied. Anything can get you.

Is there any way the Selection in November will not provoke bad things? Fascist Bingo!

Political ads on CNN might tell a different story. Is the dead letter pile growing? Power plays/

How is the funny money game going? You can’t get food stamps without an address.

Would Joe Biden highjack an alleged election like Trump? Is the roof on fire?

Does anybody care? Trust the plan. The plan is you are too dumbed down to resist.


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