Open Lines Seasons Meetings 2

The Ochelli Effect 12-25-2020 Roundtable 2

Open Lines Seasons Meetings 2

B Pete and Chuck take a bunch of calls on Christmas Night. Is everyone having a few drinks?

The Bomb in Memphis, The Pandemic, and many other ways to look at the New or Old World Disorder are all covered. How strange is the explosion in TN? Is the great COVID19 Clap Trap closed tightly around your mind?

Jeffrey Matte, Natureboy, Captain Tripps, Mrs.O, Jim, and Ed were all mixing up this word salad. How does one look at the latest paradigm of self-harm and not wonder who designed it all? Is communism the next level? Where are the willing women in NC?

The show lasted four hours and is now a set of two podcasts. This is just one of them. Merry Christmas. Is there only controlled opposition to the system for those who seek alternatives?



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Open Lines Seasons Meetings 2

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