Open Lines Moon Day Times

The Ochelli Effect 2-10-2020 Roundtable

Open Lines Moon Day Times

Since Friday seemed to be successful we figured another go might be as well. Regular, Joe Mrs.O, and Spent Kent return and Dylan Wade is the new element.

The DNC is a topic that prevails. What’s wrong with boys today? Is any liberal politician worth listening to? Regular Joe plays golf. Who is Regular Mel? Trump is going to win in November. Which loser is the Democratic party going to run against him?

Dylan Wade is doing a brand new show for the network. Political Popcorn should be of interest. What in the hell is wrong with Wisconsin? These are the show’s notes. Did the DNC just knee-cap Bernie again? Dylan feels the Berne.

Is White Privilege a thing? Who’s got the complexion for the connection? Does the economy just keep going no matter who the frontman is? Who is a Pop-Tart?

Why won’t Hillary Clinton just shut up? Is there any Anti-War culture left? Does the Military-Industrial Complex account for some Socialism? Would you rather feed people or kill them?

The third best fighter jet in the American arsenal costs 300 million bucks apiece. Can we make a few fewer weapons and maybe fix things on the domestic front instead? Do you buy any of Tulsi’s BS?

All the systems continue failing no matter how anyone votes. Florida is a nuthouse. The News sucks. God is not on the T.V.

We hope you enjoyed this roundtable. Everybody seems to be addicted to something. We will do these open discussions when listeners request them.

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Open Lines Moon Day Times

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Open Lines Moon Day Times – The Ochelli Effect 2-10-2020 Roundtable