One Party Oligarchy Malarkey

The Ochelli Effect 11-6-2020 Roundtable

One Party Oligarchy Malarkey

Segregated Ballots Ballistic. 2020 sucks, but 2020 has to just 2020 for a little while longer. Mark Meadows has the Rona. Patriots just are not patriots anymore.

Trump’s last stand. Do we need Customer Service here? The shit-show is LIVE babies. Santa Clause is a secret Muslim. Do you like football?

The 500 pound Orange Elephant in every room. What DJ is still spinning the YMCA? Rudy’s cousins are bracing for the hate-sex to come. Are your dogs barking?

What kind of beer is Justice Kavanaugh drinking? Will the one-party system get tired of the taste of the boots they lick? Is Trump fired yet? Follow the trail of Q Tears Drop.

The Once-shining Slave Plantation on the hill is a lost empire. How long will it be before Kellyanne Conway is a talking head on CNN again? The powers that should not be, remain unchecked.

Can an Orange Asshat sue his way to victory? Selections and rumors of Selections will be the weekend Q=Drops we predict. Selecting a lesser of two evils is an automatic selection of evil. Quiet evil is preferred sometimes. Should any of this be true? Does anyone read my show notes anymore?

Do you like your country shaken or stirred?

One Party Oligarchy Malarkey

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