One Day Before Turkey

The Ochelli Effect 11-27-2019 B Pete

One Day Before Turkey

Since no one really reads the show notes much, I will simply type random thoughts here for the two people that might read them.

Dusty Baker invented the “high Five” while playing for the L.A. Dodgers in the 1970s. Eating carrots doesn’t improve eyesight. When the common ground is so obvious there is little reason for conflicts to gain ground.

Despair is a leading cause of death. Trump sucks. Almost all people suck, nice people swallow. Hello, kitten. Is it wrong to accept pudding from a hooker? Is stupid a disease? Confirmation Bias kills. Are Ukranian people aware of anything in the United States?

The Joker movie wasn’t as good as some people say it was. He’s not, my Joker. There’s no reason for you to fear anything.

One Day Before Turkey

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One Day Before Turkey – The Ochelli Effect 11-27-2019 B Pete