Obituary America Whimpers RBG Gone

The Ochelli Effect 2-27-2019 Chuck Solo

Obituary America Whimpers RBG Gone

Justice Ginsburg is dead and so will the concept of constitutional in the U.S. follows. B Pete co-hosts the roundtable where only Tech called in. Trumpsonian Hypocrisy burning democracy with plutocracy becomes a Fascist ideology in real-time.

Is Lyin’ Ted the next SCOTUS loaded to install right-wing values systems for the next generation? How is your unemployment case going? Viva Las Vegas!

How is the Selection being played on TV? Will there be blood in the streets? Is Judy Baker holding her latest con-conference out of her home? Is real social justice going the way of the American dream?

Is Sleepy Joe going to give the UK trouble over Irish issues? Who knew Van Morrison was still alive? Are people fleeing from the cities?

2020 sucks! Caravan to Canada anyone? Do we get information by revelation through conversation?


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Obituary America Whimpers RBG Gone

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