Nuclear Winter Revisited

The Ochelli Effect 7-10-2018 Mike Swanson and Jp Sottile

A Strange Tuesday on The Ochelli Effect becomes an unplanned look at The threat of Nuclear weapons and the dangerous games played on the global grid.

Mike Swanson remained on the show for a rare two-hour discussion. JP Sottile had an issue but will return. What is the plight of Jerome Corsi?

After a short rant from Chuck on Stan Lee and a few other things, Mike talked about items in the news. Is the alternative media just another Psy-op eggroll?

The mention of some history regarding near misses at a potential third world war while JFK was President provoked conversations about the history of Doomsday weapons.

Where do The Atomic fears of yesterday leave us Today? What can the pop-culture tell us about the awareness; level today? Is there an idiot in charge of “The Button”

How can an attempt at peaceful resolution bring the world to the brink of a war resulting in an “Electric Funeral” for all and “Killer of Giants” bringing extinction to the whole planet?

Strategic madness and belligerent rhetoric are dangers for every living thing on earth. Are indictments our next hope for peace? Is Trump Junior being groomed to succeed his father? The Art of No Deal is in full swing.

Somehow, a man who knows nothing about legitimate fist-fights is in charge of the most powerful military machine in human history. Have we learned nothing since devastating Japan with Fat Man and Little Boy?

If North Korea is able to fool Donald Trump, isn’t there a reason to worry when casual discussion of atomic weapons is now just good talking points at cult meetings like MAGA rallies? Is the current POTUS going to be known in history as The Little Man Fat Boy?

If there is a large enough mistake or foolish endeavor by the current leadership perhaps history will not record it since survivors are required to do so. What might happen at the G20? Does American first require The “Ugly American” behavior we have come to expect from the current administration?

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The Ochelli Effect 11-13-2018 Michael Swanson

Nuclear Winter Revisited