Nothing Hidden When Serving

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Get M A D with Chris Graves 2-22-2023 Occult Priestess

Nothing Hidden When Serving

Get M A D with Chris Graves 2-22-2023 Occult Priestess

Nothing Hidden When Serving

GM #28 (Graves Notes)

This episode of “Get M.A.D.” I welcome podcaster & psychic counselor, the one & only “Occult Priestess”, Korinne Wilson!

“Guru, guide, teacher, writer, messenger, oracle, Reiki master, video producer & professional psychic of over 30 years.”

Honestly, I have to say that this was one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever been a part of, already a favorite for sure!

I really learned quite a bit from the conversation & feel that I’m all the more enlightened because of it. She has most definitely given me a newfound hope for myself & the future of humanity. I can’t wait to talk with O.P. once again, in the near future! Enjoy!


Korinne is a master mystery school graduate, experienced in the psychic arts, Reiki, Tarot, psychology, symbolic interpretation, Buddhism, twelve-step / recovery counseling, cleansing and purification, states of consciousness, shamanic soul counseling, ascension + kundalini. Rituals, spellcraft, soul craft, star seeds, spiritual warfare, psychic self-defense, world mythology, hidden history, and many ancient traditions.

She began her work in service to others in 1992, assisting thousands of clients locally and worldwide as a psychic, psychopomp, and Priestess. Her teachings, methods, and philosophy have evolved through years of study and practical application representing many schools of religion, magick, mysticism, and esoteric thought.

Titles: Counselor, High Priestess of Wicca, Buddhist Bodhisattva, Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant, Astral Astronaut, Sleep Paralysis survivor, Spiritual Warrior, Mystic, Magician, Channel, Starseed, Writer, Teacher, Public Speaker, Event Organizer, Video producer, past Occult store owner (‘The Occult Shop’ and ‘Aquarius Star’).

Services: Tarot reading, Soul counseling, Reiki healing and attunements, Past Life Regression, Spirit guide contact, Psychic protection, Aura reading, Guided meditation, Shamanic Dream interpretation, Trauma Counseling, Spellcraft, Esoteric & Pineal education.



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Nothing Hidden When Serving

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