The Ochelli Effect 9-19-2018 Albert Lanier

Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier joins us to discuss the dangers of Fake News and the state of the realistic news.

Albert has been a journalist and writer for more than 20 years. Lanier holds a BA from the University of Hawaii-West Oahu and has been a contributing writer for Pacific Business News and Honolulu Weekly. He has also freelanced for a variety of publications including Hawaii Magazine, Asian Week and Edible Hawaiian Islands

What is News? What are the consequence of disinformation and the agendas of toxic ideas in the electronic media and internet age Is print media dead? What happened to the local news? What was alternative media like before the internet?

We also cover his recent lecture on the topic. Fake news can do real damage.


Chuck finishes the show by getting caught up in a native advertising headline, making points about toxic publications,asking why racist garbage is now being featured with conspiracy theory, and a few other points of aggravation.

Fake news can do real damage. How shall we combat this plague?


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NOT NECESSARILY NEWS -The Ochelli Effect 9-19-2018 Albert Lanier