nosedive black mirror analysis

Trans Resister Radio Live 4-11-2018 Presented by OCHELLI.COM

First LIVE broadcast through of Trans Resister Radio! This show is Aaron Franz baby, and much like King Solomon, he has chosen to split the baby. Themes and Memes LIVE was this weeks choice for hour two.  Other Weeks we may find Uncle The Broadcast, a Second hour of Trans Resister, or a discussion between Aaron and his producer. This week Aaron takes the time to discuss the plans for the new LIVE experiment and lets us know he will be taking calls LIVE if any listener dares. He also does a one-man debate on topics and ideas that range from moral judgments to transhumanism. Nothing like the shows on TOE Aaron has done.

Second hour Themes and Memes kicks in. Aaron and Adam often analyze movies mostly in a unique fashion. This episode of the LIVE version of their five-year-old podcast focuses on the Netflix series BLACK MIRROR. Primarily season three.  Nosedive gets the lion’s share of the time on the broadcast, but by no means is it the only episode and covered. Adam and Aaron “bat ideas around” quite a bit .

nosedive black mirror analysis

Aaron’s Main Hub indeed a different kind of show and we hope it continues to break its mold.

Though Chuck Ochelli is the behind the scenes producer, Aaron Franz is the creator of this content.

Thanks to all our listeners and contributors for your excellent support, would not be here without you!

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nosedive black mirror analysis