Nine Lives Tender Vittles

The Ochelli Effect 10-28-2019 Regular Joe

Nine Lives Tender Vittles

Regular Joe returned to give you the regular guy view. Are you ready for a lot of guesswork? Is corruption a sport?

Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi is dead again. This time it happened during the World Series where Trump got booed and a two-fitting beer master caught a ball with no hands.

The US is behind the existence and emboldening of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, as part of an attempt to further destabilize the Middle East. When did their leader first encounter US Intelligence assets? How many times did ISIS end up with supplies meant for US allies?

Is this just what the Doctors who doctor the system ordered? Is it a dog eat dog, dog? Are nightmares good for people with 1st world problems? Do cults just keep on fueling generation after generation of zealots in search of causes?

Are we all winning? What happens on The Ochelli Effect when Chuck picks a badly written article to read? Ever feel like you’ve done something to get high despite not having done so? In the second hour, Chuck had technical issues. Music was played by Cirrus Minor.


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Nine Lives Tender Vittles

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Nine Lives Tender Vittles – The Ochelli Effect 10-28-2019 Regular Joe