Newsvandal Meets Verbal Vandalism

The Ochelli Effect 2-19-2019 JP Sottile

The corporate circle-jerk of Infotainment Seems to be without end. No wonder America’s leadership allegedly rests in the tiny hands of a “Reality” T.V. hack with a spray-tan and a comb-over. In hour one Chuck covers the Disinformation stream as it stands, with one national disgrace, under the godless, quite divisible, without Liberty and Justice for only those who can afford it, or steal big enough to avoid it.

Haiti allegedly has American Terrorists under lock and key. Venezuela gets terrorized by The US to make a lock-down on Iran ease the minds of Neo-OCD-Cons seem necessary because, It’s all about the oil, stupid. Whoever is writing Don Lemon’s teleprompter comments, make a donation, since I am providing lines for tour meat muppet nearly every night. Fair is fair.

Collusion confusion continues as Roger Stone can’t help himself got pinched for Trump. Both are flanked by Russian Media assets in the info-war to become more normalized in the US MSM than ever before. Just in time to run the fake national emergency to slide through the courts already greased for this game by appointment.

The Old man and the sea of Dems dog candidates look poised to assist The orange pony to place First in the 2020 show we know as the Selection Race. Speaking of “Race” and other Political identities, Did the star of Empire Run a false Rainbow flag op? Pay no attention to the Chinese checker game, It will be Trumped by tariffs.

Jp Sottile drops in on hour two, delivering breaking news on Skype. Meanwhile, The Newsvandal successfully pleads that what appears to be current insanity is simply standard historically repeated strategy. It’s only all about the Benjamins when Oil and Wall Street are the grand collectors in this comic book of current events. WWE Wrestling with metaphors and exhausted interest payments of interest, JP makes the game seem less like a new wave and more like business as usual. Business is always good, just not for YOU!

Sottile also dropped some history on the “October Surprise” and other intelligence operations before dropping the mic. Collapsing Stars of ego and black hole swirls flushing away the invading hordes in the punch bowls carried by the ghosts of ideology past. Mike Swanson will return next week after he conquers Vegas.

Newsvandal Meets Verbal Vandalism




Newsvandal Meets Verbal Vandalism

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The Ochelli Effect 2-19-2019 JP Sottile

Newsvandal Meets Verbal Vandalism