News Worthy Assisted Suicide

The Ochelli Effect 7-11-2018 Jeffrey Matte

The first hour Chuck has a guest that did not show up. So news and an overall observation that the planet is populated with adults who behave more like children on playgrounds. The incomplete personality disorder seems to reign supreme, while the military industrial complex continues to play the role of schoolmaster, and the most evil of gods is the recess monitor. Will the world grow up? If Little House On The Prarie has become offensive retroactively, Is there any chance reality can survive? What happens when people who find disagreement offensive become the thought police?

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News Worthy Assisted Suicide

In the second hour, Jefferey Matte returns to give an introduction to a taboo topic. Assisted Suicide and suicide alone are emotionally dark and controversial. Chuck and Jefferey discuss the natural aspects, and the ethos that is was, and will be connected to this very personal issue. We will explore this in depth next week. It is guaranteed to be a unique and thought-provoking presentation. If we are entitled to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then we should be allowed to select a time when that ends.

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If all of this, or none of this bothers you, You are listening to the wrong show.

News Worthy Assisted Suicide

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News Worthy Assisted Suicide – The Ochelli Effect 7-11-2018 Jeffrey Matte