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The Ochelli Effect 11-14-2017 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Last LIVE show until Chuck Returns From Dallas

With author Mike Swanson we kick off this particular Tuesday with an honest view of southern U.S. history regarding the fear of others . Maybe it’s blacks , maybe it’s Reds , Maybe it’s ISIS , or even Santa Claus and his wife Da Easter Bunny? It does not matter fear has been and will continue to sold for re-sale to YOU. plus a few brief moments where Chuck even thinks he sounds a bit Crazy , and the Roy Moore scandal works it’s way into the conversation as well…  News Marbles Meet Trumps Blender

Second Hour JP Sottile joins us to catch-up on his once a month dance around the news with The Ochelli Effect… and The Military Industrial Complex has it’s hay-day… When ? Now! Still we must face the fact that there never was any ” Good Ol’ Days” but it won’t stop the cult of TRUMP from praying for it while many famous men seem to make prey out of whatever sex they desire in Hollywood or D.C. . One difference between them can be explained in that David Cop-a-Feel (George H.W. Bush) and Roy Moore don’t seem to suffer the same back-lash that say an actor or other alleged celeb. encounters with the swiftness of Twitter. BTW the Twitter Child-In-Chief is still at it! but never mind , as the Blender Turns the noise increases and info. and news are just left to the SPIN. News Marbles Meet Trumps Blender . Special NOTE  Robo Calls SUCK!

News Marbles Meet Trumps Blender


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News Marbles Meet Trumps Blender