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The Ochelli Effect 8-8-2019 Christie Aphrodite

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Chuck opened the Thor’s Day Night Ochelli Effect with a few news items related to ICE round-ups and the abusive nature of policy enforcers as well as the boot-licking establishment. Chuck also read a story from the AP which he suspects is a faked piece of PR for The Cop worship lobby in America.

After about 45 minutes of frustration, we talked with Alternative media veteran and soon-to-be rebooted radio personality, Christie Aphrodite.

Christie and Chuck discussed healing in general, Homelessness, and the cults of personality that dominate the controlled opposition.Later other scumbags who claim they have something to offer to listeners desperately seeking alternatives to the paradigms of poison were talked about.

Aphrodite will be joining the family in a behind the scenes way along with a new radio show that will continue the work that was previously hijacked and twisted against her. Remember to know your enemy at all times. When you wind up homeless on your soul’s journey and the truth brigade abandons you the geo-storm of psychopathic frauds smell blood like any other shark on the blue water planet wrapped in plastic. You must persist.

Do we stand any chance of turning the live evil earth into a better place? Is there a way the current generations can leave this place in better shape than the condition we found it in? Are random acts of kindness something that can strengthen the human family?

Empower each other. The song at the end of the podcast is by the band Addict Static.

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NEWS apparatus ad pugnam – The Ochelli Effect 8-8-2019 Christie Aphrodite