Neuro Linguistic Programming Mindless Control

The Ochelli Effect 1-24-2018 Aaron Franz – Uncle – Sunshine On

W Odin’s Day on the Ochelli Effect and we get right into the heart of all that is subversion of the independent mind. War? Vaccines? Eternal Life? Predictive or revelations telegraphed? The layers of control and how it leads to your lack there in… Don’t you support “The Troops?  How dare you not ? O/K/ then GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY I CALL MINE even though it was stolen from natives and is actualy owned by the invisible empire of something I don’t know the name of that is feeding upon and turning on the military industrial complex that makes the flat earth continue to be a spinning plate fractured like a reserve bank that seems to border the wall of the empty union that was once united under the only god that is acceptable without liberty the godess or statue that limits the tired hungry brown people that stole the hand jobs right out of Burger Kings window. All hail our savior President agen Orange and his unlimited string of paid arm candy that he earned and will make annacondas great agin , you liberal TARD … The First hour makes much more sense than all that , despite the world around us making about as much sense as a truck full of dead rats at a tampon factory. Second hour the ONE and only Uncle , From uncle the podcast calls in when Chuck is looking for calls… We dare you to sort that one out. In the last few minutes Sunshine on shows up and makes Uncle more nervous than a Tampa Bay Strip joint where the girls also prepare the buffet in an unmarked food truck out back. Neuro Linguistic Programming Mindless Control

An interesting mid-week Ochelli Effect : Neuro Linguistic Programming Mindless Control – Uncle – Aaron – Sunshine all in one – and one in all

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Ochelli Effect : Neuro Linguistic Programming Mindless Control