Naming Tunes Sucks Sometimes

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 3-5-2021

Naming Tunes Sucks Sometimes

Naming Tunes Sucks Sometimes

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 3-5-2021

AoT #307

Aaron shares some of his thoughts and opinions on Cancel Culture.

topics include: social justice, sexism, discrimination, harassment, assault, media, books, Dr. Seuss, marketing, equal rights, authoritarianism, Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood, workplace, corporate world

UTP #216

Monkey Suit Twister Returns for the live Name That Tune contest. True to their punk fashion, their cover song was so unintelligible that no one could tell what it was. Therefore, the contest has been extended to next week. Be there live for your chance to win.

topics include: punk rock, rock music, game show, chat rooms, callers, tie-dye, Belgium, international audience, Livestream, guitar, too loud, vocals

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Naming Tunes Sucks Sometimes

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