Mythology 911

The Ochelli Effect 8-29-2018 Dean Hartwell

Chuck keeps asking for people to discuss 9-11 with, and Dean Hartwell has emerged to answer.

Dean has been on the show before and is the author of 11 books. After nearly 3 years away from these sorts of talks, Dean Hartwell is back around again.

Who wrote the script? Who are the actors involved? What was the purpose? Who is ultimately responsible? What happened to the planes?

Mythology 911 attempts to answer all these questions and many more.

He names gatekeepers and asks some interesting questions along the way. Why didn’t 9-11 truthers learn more from JFK Researchers?

Dean is articulate. The Ochelli Effect calls white people articulate all the time. We can not confirm or deny if Dean is indeed white, however.

What became of the fledgling 9-11 truth movement? What happened to demand answers for questions asked?

This open-ended discussion is the sort of thing that needs to happen a lot more often. We will have Dean on again in the near future.

Dean Hartwell online:

Mythology 911 new book by Author Dean Hartwell explored The Ochelli Effect 8-29-2018 challenges the official story and some unofficial theories. Along with the post-traumatic agenda connected to September 11, 2001, the discussion must continue.

Mythology 911

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Mythology 911 – The Ochelli Effect 8-29-2018 Dean Hartwell