Mystery Science Theater 2019

The Ochelli Effect 5-9-2019 Carmine Savastano

What happens when seemingly scientific reality clashes with the iron bubble some people have around their belief systems? Is there one extreme position in the debate that can claim to be more insane than any other extreme position?

Carmine and Chuck discuss this as rationally as possible regarding “Climate Change” and the alleged “Green New Deal”. Is there any valid reason to think that human activity has not impacted the environment significantly? How long will dogma continue to trump reality? Are the waring tropes of denial and panic doomed to duel eternally?

Reconciliation between propaganda and reality is common in debates and establishment of operative plans to handle emerging disasters. There is a terrible disparity between the obvious dangers in environmental ignorance and alarmist views on the topic. The only clear results seem to be a lack of action, preparation, and any advancement in education on the one thing that really should be a universal concern among all people.

With only one planet there seem to be 1,000 ways to damage it, and a 50,000 to deny or warp the reality of what should be of primary concern to all people. Is there any reason to believe we are past the point of “No Return” when it comes to the changes we have no choice but to acknowledge? Hardly anyone talks about Nuclear waste as a prime issue, but radiation keeps radiating.

Chuck and Carmine discuss this all while setting a tone for a few shows in the future that will expose the serious damage that is done to living things by ignorance and misinformation guiding the actions of humanity. Does anyone really know for certain that all the wounds mother earth has suffered can be healed? Should we actually be talking more about how far gone some aspects of the natural matrix are, instead of still struggling to get people to acknowledge there is a problem.

Carmine also tells us a bit about how his website has evolved from a spot online to display his book into something much more diverse in content.

Mystery Science Theater 2019

Carmine’s Notes:
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Mystery Science Theater 2019

Carmine Savastano

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Mystery Science Theater 2019 – The Ochelli Effect 5-9-2019 Carmine Savastano