Multiple Marriage Issues Solved

The Ochelli Effect 11-6-2019 BPETE

Multiple Marriage Issues Solved

BPETE is back. On this Wednesday Ochelli Effect, Chuck and BPETE start out covering some current events and trends. By the time the second hour is done, Multiple and Same-Sex marriages are covered as government-sanctioned contracts. Does anyone remember Journalism? Chuck thinks the 25th amendment should have already been used on Trump and BPETE says evey POTUS has been a clown since Grover Cleveland.

Why did a threesome and a bong being pictured with a representative from California lead to resignation? hat’s the strangest e-mail feedback about the BPETE shows? Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern changed the business of radio and News. Is there a smear of lies big enough to alarm everyone about the corrupt Trump administration?

We invite listeners to send comments and suggestions for Wednesdays. Should Chuck and BP start a religion? How anti-climactic is a divorce? Does anybody recall the Gay NJ Governor scandal? Is there anything wrong with polygamy? Really?

Is BPETE a Trump supporter in denier’s clothing? Why doesn’t Chuck want to fight with BPETE? Can’t we just all get along? What is your standard? Do you know which one of your friends always steals your lighter?

E-mail with topics or concepts, and once per month we will entertain the most outlandish of the month.


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Multiple Marriage Issues Solved

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Multiple Marriage Issues Solved – The Ochelli Effect 11-6-2019 BPETE