Morning Stars Tale

The Ochelli Effect 12-26-2018 Lee Austin

A short novel written by Lee Austin about the secrets of the universe and flat earth as explained by the character of Lucifer was the subject for this W Odin’s Day Ochelli Effect. Something strange has happened regarding this show. As far as Lee and Chuck knew the conversation went on without issue from 8 pm to 11:25 pm eastern. Chuck also added some commentary yelling at his webcam the next day.

(A Note from Chuck)
On 12-26-2018 I had a conversation with Lee Austin. Lee is a veteran broadcaster and author of the novella Morning Star’s Tale. Something happened with the encoders and the live broadcast was interrupted. The conversation spanned more than three hours and was quite unique. I am not entirely certain about what was heard by listeners LIVE, but I present to you the second half of the conversation that survived. I have explained this to more than one person who knows the technical aspects much better than myself and there is no good explanation for what happened to the rest of the file. In over 1000 shows, I have never seen anything like this.

(A Note from Lee after the show as e-mailed to Chuck)

Thanks for having me on the Ochelli Effect! I had a great time and look forward to the next conversation.

Maybe we can delve deeper into predictive programming and how movies and entertainment play

a key component. I also like your idea of taking listeners questions.

Take Care

Morning Stars Tale

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Morning Stars Tale – The Ochelli Effect 12-26-2018 Lee Austin