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The Ochelli Effect 2-4-2019 Chuck Solo

On a Monday we got two hours of Chuck weaving together the headlines with some interesting indie songs and thoughts on some larger issues. The week needed to start this way, but The Gods only know how it shall finish.

Jordan Maxwell will return next Monday. The music on the show not created by Chuck is from Cirrus Minor, Renegade Smith, 10 Gauge, and Killer Plush. The Ochelli Effect Theme song was written and produced for the show by Renegade Smith.

Big Question: Is everybody drunk or on something else? Where is this all heading? Profane profits persistently prevail. How many useful idiots does it take to unscrew the world? Trump is finally purging some of his illegal slaves at Trump properties because he now has MAGA Hat workers for free to serve him by keeping his ego fluffed and giving him money in addition to his access to rob the American people for travel and security while compelling revenue to flow into his crooked family business. What in the hell is that matter with Virginia? Is Chuck still wrong for not trusting Bitcoin? It’s a hell of a job, but somebody else should do it. Facebook is not reality.

Happy Lunar New Year.

Moon Walking News

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Moon Walking News – The Ochelli Effect 2-4-2019 Chuck Solo

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