Monday Ugly News Digest

The Ochelli Effect 8-12-2019 Regular Joe and Dylan Wade

Chuck was hoping to get Ed Opperman on Monday but ended up with two completely different co-pilots for the first broadcast of the week.

Does Anyone know what blew up in Russia? Jeffrey Epstein is the conspiracy theory salad of 2019. Who belongs in America according to the racist Trump? By the way, how racist is the President this week? Does anyone care?

Regular Joe went through an hour of the show navigating the latest Epstein cluster of speculations. Chuck breaks down two theories and the disputed images of a nearly lifeless criminal on a stretcher. Astonishing news is just getting lost in the static.

How is the battle between the Clinton and Trump body count hashtags going? What is ALCIADA White? How fast does disinformation sink into the memory hole? When you really do things right, hardly anyone notices what you are doing.

In the land of mentally blind Fox Fans, what is king of disinformation? Can the next generation save us? Is it a bad day to be the friend of a sex trafficker? It seems to be a bad day to be the guy who bought body armor for a mass-murdering shooter. Can a Trumpet obstruct Justice, where no justice exists?

How does one commit suicide in a special housing unit of a maximum-security Federal Facility? Is Michael Baden exactly the guy you call to cover-up the truth about how a dead man got that way? Yes, he is. Where is a good serial killer story when we need one?

Dylan Wade finished off the Monday time slot by telling us about the gradual victory that may be regarding his generation and those that will follow. Plus have you seen any good movies lately?

Does anybody actually care what “The Mooch” has to say about his boss for 11 days? How many Red Flags do we need to invoke the 25th Amendment? One body MIA since 1967 made it’s way back home. Kashmir is more than a song by Lifted Riffs.

Monday Ugly News Digest


Michael Baden The Incompetent Cover-up agent:
Pat Speers work from a decade ago:

Monday Ugly News Digest

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Monday Ugly News Digest – The Ochelli Effect 8-12-2019 Regular Joe and Dylan Wade