mk ultra mk naomi

mk ultra mk naomi

The Ochelli Effect 4-12-2018 with Carmine Savastano

Continuing with The Sinister History subset Co-host Carmine Savastano joins Chuck for another Thor’s Day. The discussion centers on one of the most often mentioned yet even more often misunderstood elements of the dark side of American history, MK Ultra. Methodology, bioweapons, drugs, and many other components of the covert cornerstone program for the Central Intelligence Agency are explored. Some speculation and more documentation than most podcasts bring you in 3 shows are referred to and offered for consideration.

mk ultra mk naomi

Reference 1: CIA file, Memo for Director of Public Affairs from Executive Assistant to DDCI, Statement of MKULTRA, September 12, 1983, Central Intelligence Agency Library Reading Room,
Reference 2: CIA file, Memo to the Acting Director, OTS, MKULTRA Files, CIA Library Reading Room,
Reference 3: United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Statement of Admiral Stansfield Turner Director of Central Intelligence, CIA Library and Reading Room, August 3, 1977,
Reference 4: Albert Sehlsstedt, Jr., October 6, 1977, CIA says 54 institutions got ’50’s, 60’s drug-tests data, Baltimore Sun, , CIA Library Reading Room,
Reference 5: Bill Richards and John Jacobs, August 18, 1977, 3 Area Colleges Used by CIA in Behavior Testing, Washington Post, August 18, 1977,
Reference 6: CIA file, Report of MKULTRA Inquiries, September 16, 1977, CIA Library Reading room,
Reference 7: Brianna Nofil, The CIA’s Appalling Human Experiments with Mind Control, History,
Reference 8: Jack Anderson, August 28, 1982, Lawsuit Forces CIA Confession on MKULTRA, CIA Library Reading Room,
Reference 9: MKNAOMI Cryptonym Listing, Mary Ferrell Foundation,
Reference 10: CIA file, Memo from the DD/S&T to Philip Buchen, Restricted, Anti-Castro Activities, September 10, 1975, National Archives and Records Administration,

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mk ultra mk naomi

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mk ultra mk naomi

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