Missions Accomplished Creating Chaos

The Ochelli Effect 4-19-2019 Larry Hancock

We have often spoken with Larry Hancock about the JFK assassination and other historical issues of research. This is the issue that keeps making itself current and we are glad to sit down with Larry on a Friday and do just that.

With Trump being played by Russian intelligence operations being a topic in the news despite a lack of analysis, we decided to get some from the best writers on the subject we know.

Larry Hancock wrote Creating Chaos: COVERT POLITICAL WARFARE, FROM TRUMAN TO PUTIN at the height of activity by the Russian Federation to influence the public and steer the election in 2016.

Chuck and Larry discussed the real implications and actions related to open source and covert operations that the American Intelligence community was and remains completely unprepared to meaningfully confront.

Misdirection and America First combined with other old fashioned methods deployed were all in the interest of Creating Chaos. What is the history behind the headlines? Are “fellow travelers” the best useful idiots in a brave new world of open source information manipulation embedded in the newest normals of social media landscapes?

Is anyone doing anything to prevent the issues of 2016 from becoming the issues of 2020?

Missions Accomplished Creating Chaos

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Missions Accomplished Creating Chaos

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Missions Accomplished Creating Chaos – The Ochelli Effect 4-19-2019 Larry Hancock Chuck Solo