Miracle Mail Square Dance

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle The Broadcast 11-2-2018 Sand Sheff

FROM Sand Sheff:
Here is the link to my totally free for everybody music page –

Sand Sheff Music

Here’s suggestions I think you might want to hear especially comedy stuff..go to the link and scroll down through the albums to the one called TEXCENTRIC RADIO HOUR, which is a comedy show I wrote and directed in Austin back in 2009. at least 3 things you might find funny and “appropriate” are,

#12 Angry Andy
#17 Willie Nelson Presents: Sex With Robots
#18 Crazy uncle Charlie’s Conspiracy Minute

Eclipse Miracle-The Sun is the Same Size as The Moon in the Sky

Miracle Mail Square Dance

Aaron wrote descriptions as follows:

TRR 206

Author and musician Sand Sheff returns to Trans Resister Radio. He and Aaron have a good old-fashioned talk about transhumanism, emerging technologies, and so much more that comes along in this age of transitions.

Sand Sheff, transhumanism, emerging technologies, Ai, Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, Ramona, media, political landscape, future, Sophia, sex robots, automation, work, economy, resistance, different kinds of conservatism, Eclipse Miracle book

Utp 112

Uncle welcomes author and musician Sand Sheff to the broadcast. A fun night complete with music and a call from Mailman Ed ensues.

Sand Sheff, country music, cell phones, LA Dodgers, National League teams, writing books, making music, eclipses, sun and moon the same size, astronomy, Eclipse Miracle, religion

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Miracle Mail Square Dance