Minimum Wage Shots Show

The Ochelli Effect 2-24-2021 Glenn Viklund

Minimum Wage Shots Show

In the first hour, Chuck rambles a bit about the most recent public debates regarding the minimum wage. Chuck also tells you about upcoming shows.

Ted Edmonson had difficulties with his internet connection, so Glenn Viklund started his hour early.

Glenn got the shot. Chuck and Glenn discussed the experience and Chuck offered his views on the current pandemic.

Chuck and Glenn also discussed Bitcoin and the gambles of investors in the latest financial environment. Is the United States economy still a key to the entire global marketplace?

Is the vaccine business going to affect all businesses? Glenn also addressed the issues with former Ochelli Effect regular, Carmine Savastano.

Will 2021 be the year of recovery? Is getting the shot a bad idea? Is Chuck just a conspiracy theorist? Can you know if there is more death anywhere due to Covid19 than there was before the alleged pandemic? Do we know what the long-term impact of 2020 will be?


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Minimum Wage Shots Show

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