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The Ochelli Effect 4-30-2018 Chuck Solo

On a Moon Day, Ochelli Effect Chuck does a solo show to honor the alleged day the Vietnam War ended 43 years ago. Have we learned a single thing since the previously most protracted military conflict in United States history? Eclipsed by Afghanistan  Vietnam opened wounds as yet unhealed. Did it breed the need for the “White Power movement in America? Chuck finds this ridiculous, but some faux-liberal writers disagree. The military industrial complex today suffers from no shortage of conflict to fuel it’s soul refining industries. Trump does his job by cutting fees for the arms dealers to pitch in their sales. Agent Orange also did as Chuck expected and did not release the JFK assassination files everyone made such a big deal about six months earlier. Africa is a LIVE action event that no one seems willing to cover. Yemen continues to be greasy. A porn star filing a new lawsuit has everyone distracted. So many lessons unlearned. Forty-Three years 99 problems and bitching about the military industrial complex today ain’t one. Talking points, NPR sucks, and Israel the puppet master baiter. Can we all do better? Chuck thinks so. Are death and the American empire all that can be exported from the country that betrays it’s people for the sake of the ever-expanding beast of the military industrial complex today ? All in a Monday stream of news and views on The Ochelli Effect.


military industrial complex today

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military industrial complex today – The Ochelli Effect 4-30-2018