Military Industrial Complex America

The Ochelli Effect 7-2-2019 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

M.I.C. Check, M.I.C. Check!

While the Pentagon is not willing to discuss how much Trump’s Fourth Of July Rally in DC may cost, we know that the largest and most sustained increases in spending are consistently seen in America’s Military budget.

Is the religion of Military Worship in this country a bad sign? Do people who argue over how much is spent on other things realize the gigantic nature of The Military Budget? Why does neither party even pretend to challenge the steady increases in the largest costly beast in the American system?

Mike Swanson came on the show and ended up discussing how much we find the upper crust of the economic pyramid pie consolidating its wealth. Chuck’s thoughts were on The bloated blob of The Military Industrial Complex and all the beneficiaries of it.

JP Sottile hit the ground running, talking about the media and how it promotes the Military as an institution. He argued that the media actually delivers what the people want. Chuck responded by asking if the chicken or the egg come first?

There is much to consider in the conversations we had. The Vietnam guilt syndrome and other aspects of the evolution of War Worship are also covered. Is America nothing more than the agency for the Military Beast? Tuesday is always a good one. We hope you agree.

Military Industrial Complex America


Military Industrial Complex America


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Military Industrial Complex America – The Ochelli Effect 7-2-2019 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile