Meta War Three Teeth

The Ochelli Effect 6-24-2019 Lex Frontman for 3 Teeth

Chuck started Monday night with a plan to discuss current events and paradigms of logic that fall apart whenever one observes that people behave like snakes consuming themselves bt their own tails and by the tales, they have adopted as their own.

An unscheduled call from Lex, the frontman and multi-talented artist of the band 3TEETH. Chuck and Lex discuss politics and art. It is an unconventional interview and Chuck hopes there will be another one very soon. They are an industrial modern stream of sonic disruption. To paraphrase Lex, 3Teeth is sucking the poison from the system and spitting it back in their faces. How can Ochelli not love that?

The band is amazing visually and offers a fresh sound that made your host describe it as “The Bastard Children of Marilyn Manson”.

Meta War Three Teeth

Check out 3TEETH for yourself:






Meta War Three Teeth

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Meta War Three Teeth – The Ochelli Effect 6-24-2019 Lex Frontman for 3 Teeth