Merry Christmas Filthy Animal

The Ochelli Effect 12-25-2018 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

Merry Christmas from The Ochelli Effect. Hail Santa

In the last Tuesday show of 2018, we heard from Mike Swanson, Meria Heller, and JP Sottile. First Mike Swanson talked about the volatile stock market and the coming calamity of the economy. Does Trump actually know who he really works for?

Meria Heller called in and roared about many of the same topics. Plus Mike talked about the low price of oil and where that has and will lead. Putin’s Puppet performs proficiently. Does the economy still suck for you? Do elitist scum ever pay for their crimes?

We are really looking forward to covering the approaching crazy days of the money maze we will all have to navigate. Gilded ages of stupid are overlapping. The government is shut down. Is the border really where a wall should go? How deep is your state?

JP Sottile joined us in the second hour to discuss the Trump futures and American disasters from the ghosts of Christmas yet to come. Is ISIS defeated? Merry Christmas you filthy animal. The anti-war left and Right allegedly meet? Are the witches winning the hunting game?

Roger Stone or Steve Bannon? Who is Trump’s brain? Did Chuck just bet JP again? Is 2019 going to be a gear that makes us forget this one? Will any of the tornado of scandals be enough to take down Russian Agent, code name Orange? Did an Orange Grinch steal Christmas from a seven-year-old on the margins?

Are YOU ready for 2019?


Merry Christmas Filthy Animal


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A big thank you to Mike Swanson and JP Sottile for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.

The Ochelli Effect 12-25-2018 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

Merry Christmas Filthy Animal