Media Legend John Barbour Stories

The Ochelli Effect 12-3-2020 John Barbour

Media Legend John Barbour Stories

On a special Thor’s Day broadcast Chuck welcomed The One and Only John Barbour.

John Started with the strange days of Trump and the curses that just might fly until January 20.

The stories on this podcast also covered some of Johns’ life in the entertainment industry and his interesting personal life. His recent book covers much more.

Barbour told us about his American heroes, his comedy mentor, and described part of his recent actions at the CAPA conference. John also spoke about Jim Garrison and The JFK Assassination.

Insights about his family and times when John was well ahead of his time in TV aside from being the godfather of reality TV were also covered.

We hope we can hear from John again soon. He was one of the first guests The Ochelli Effect ever had. Chuck finished out the show with a few thoughts, thank yous, and updates about the show.






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Media Legend John Barbour Stories

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