Media Conspiracy Helping Trump

The Ochelli Effect 10-9-2019 BPete

Media Conspiracy Helping Trump

(Chuck’s Random Thoughts after a frustrating conversation)

There is simply no way to get people to view anything objectively anymore. BPete thinks he is being objective while he defends Trump, simply because he is not a “Liberal”.

In fairness, it appears as though I am having little success making my point to anyone that Liberalism is a false construct. I also fail to get people to realize that the alleged opposition media is actually winning the information war on behalf of the establishment by pushing nothing but the bastard POTUS.

BPete might think that the left is cancer eating America at this time. The actual disease is disinformation. The Elites must be given credit for convincing almost a whole nation that there are sides to be chosen by the common man that result in anything but feeding the system. Many people are understandably angry at the alleged liberal non-sense of the past few decades, but they can’t be convinced the Left/Right Paradigm is an illusion.

I want you to note how Obama could be easily demonized regardless of the slant in the media, but Trump can not. Why is everyone going back to sleep at this time? Is it statism itself, Racism, or something far darker in nature? BPete is a reasonable guy. Why is he just contorting logic to defend the current criminal in office with Trumpian defenses that defy the publicly known evidence?

I have no idea how to awaken anyone on this issue. I find myself without any desire to debate over the rigged one-part system in America, The illegitimate criminal state of Israel, or the complicitous and indeed duplicitous role of the MSM is assisting Trump to be in his current position of power. If any of my listeners believe the MSM is actually Liberal, I have failed.

Trump is literally the greatest deep state weapon ever deployed. A poorly constituted opposition is all there is now.

Perhaps it is my failure in articulating how the grand deception is operating? I am really feeling defeated.

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Media Conspiracy Helping Trump

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Media Conspiracy Helping Trump – The Ochelli Effect 10-9-2019 BPete