Media Cohorts Trump Cult Supports

The Ochelli Effect 10-9-2020 Roundtable

Media Cohorts Trump Cult Supports

Rush had Trump, we had open lines. Only Mrs.O called in on The Open Mic Friday Night. You should join us next time.

The discussion covered media figures and their odd rise to whatever lows they are at today. Howard Stern gets paid well, abd there may be more than one good reason he gets what he gets.

Geraldo Rivera has always sucked. B Pete the co-host still thinks the USPS was not intetionally manipulated. Most people seem to think Trump and Biden both lost what might be the only debate before November 3.

Are you tired? Are you getting your mail on time? No one has ever known the outcome of an election on election night no matter the year. Bully your way through a Zoom meeting, and let us know how that plays out for you. Did Chuck cough as much as Trump did on FOX News?

How broken is America, and how much more broken will we become because of this place?



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Media Cohorts Trump Cult Supports

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