Matte Color Chart One

The Ochelli Effect 2-25-2019 Jeffrey Matte

When we first spoke with Jeffrey Matte on The Effect, He introduced us to the idea that there was a color-coded language in place on a global level being spoken to the servants by the elite masters who seem to think they run the universe despite having only succeeded in being the cruel overseers of the human family.

In this Moon Day conversation, we examine how Black and White have become part of the visual language. Without the logic of alphabets, there are ways to communicate without going by the numbers. Things which appear to be universal and simply part of the common world view.

This is only the first of a series that will cover the skeletal framework of just one of the many techniques used to hide information and truth among the obvious public signals we take for granted all the time. From road signs to logo designs, the Black gold and white noise are nothing in the twisted linguistics embedded in the mundane terrestrial script written by the masters of human marionettes.

The Greyscale might measure much more, but the black and white pillars are the beginning

Matte Color Chart One


Matte Color Chart One

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Matte Color Chart One – The Ochelli Effect 2-25-2019 Jeffrey Matte