Massive Selection Night Coverage 3

The Ochelli Effect 11-3-2020 B Pete – Jon Gold – Pearse Redmond – Aaron Franz

Massive Selection Night Coverage 3

Midnight on the East Coast and all was not really well. So a mild Trump supporter and defender took calls with Chuck to round-out the extra coverage. B Pete may not like that label, but Chuck doesn’t know how else to explain it.


9-11 was a hell of a show and by the way, we were lied to. Jon Gold is one of the best people to talk to, and he actually cares about others.

They always guest Jon Gold.

Porkins popped back up as the technological terror makes way to many Trump Cultists proud.





The host of The Age of Transitions and the nephew-in-law of Uncle reported on the goings-on in Planet Californication.

If you are not listening to Aaron on Friday nights, We hope it’s because you are getting laid. That’s a fair trade.

Aaron Franz:

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Massive Selection Night Coverage 3

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