Mass Systematized Delusions

The Ochelli Effect 1-17-2018 Mark Windows (Incomplete Recording) & Aaron Franz (Extended Discussion)

The First part of the podcast was recorded to fill in the gap from the lost portion of the LIVE show Where Chuck Speaks alone and does his best to remind people of many ways they can become part of The Ochelli Effect. After , Chuck begins talking about the most common news stories of the day and predicts the outcome of a few things already in progress , abruptly joined to the surviving  discussion with Mark Windows. Sadly Mark Did a superb job of explaining the Global Agenda on a Local level idea in his once a month appearance on The Ochelli Effect. Let’s hope we can do this again and get Mark to really explain the mechanisms of what is clearly happening worldwide. We even had an English lesson of sorts, on the LIVE show , but again , LOST …

Next Aaron Franz walks into something he did not expect. Chuck ends up ranting and lashing out at a specific segment of the population that seems to have too much sway over things at the moment , and The hour goes overtime just to make sure Aaron gets a few words in edge-wise. Mass Systematized Delusions among Trumpets? Yes! Alternative Media camouflage for scum? YUP! Divide and divide and divide , rinse repeat ? Sure Thing …

An interesting mid-week Ochelli Effect : Mass Systematized Delusions

Aaron Franz work =

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 Mass Systematized Delusions