market bubble cycle

The Ochelli Effect 8-2-2018 Michael Swanson

Mike Swanson sits down for two hours with Chuck on a day he is normally not with us.

The first hour the conversation dwells almost entirely on Wall Street. At the beginning of the discussion, both Mike and Chuck are first tasked with eliminating the temptation to do the Trump dance through the News Cycle. They both manage to escape for the most part.

Apple is now a Trillion dollar company. The bursting and inflating bubbles in the stock market seems to be the trends most often clocked by investors. Some listener questions also get answered.

The second hour Mike talks about what he sees upcoming in the Wall Street Casino. Caesar’s casino interests are also explored.

A listener question about the Ken Burns documentary discussion from months prior causes Mike to describe the missing elements regarding some people that appeared in the Burns Vietnam debacle.

What is the next stage of this new pattern of reality in the financial sector?

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market bubble cycle

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A big thank you to Mike Swanson for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.

The Ochelli Effect 8-2-2018 Michael Swanson

market bubble cycle