March Ides Smiling Mama

The Ochelli Effect 3-15-2019 Chuck Solo

On Friar’s Day, Chuck started the show with an overview of many news items. A quick break with music from Cirrus Minor was followed by a phone call from “The Mouth That Roars”. Is this Hell and High Water inprov?

Meria Heller surprised us with a rundown on The News of the day and a few views some cannot handle. The truth is the problem there. Some can not quite deal with it. Does Orange Julius Caesar not know the Date?

Chuck also digs into the NewsVandal Rundown and cuts through some BS missed with his conversation with Mama. The experimental phone line seems to work. No NEWS really may be Good NEWS. The Strategy in the Israeli occupation is illogical.

The Survival of The Richest is still the prime game in the casino of life. Trump is still a P.O.S. weighing epic tons on the Crap Meter. Selective enforcement is still the law of the land. Will The 2020 Selection be a rigged match?

Bubba The Love Sponge is desperately seeking attention. Is anyone paying any attention to the decline of the Western alleged civilization? What is American culture? Is there a signal before the noise? Should Meria and Chuck do two Hell and High Water shows each month?

March Ides Smiling Mama

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March Ides Smiling Mama

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March Ides Smiling Mama – The Ochelli Effect 3-15-2019 Chuck Solo