mama bear constitutional freedom

The Ochelli Effect 4-9-2018Terri “Mama Bear” Linell, Brand Thornton, and Vince Easley

Terri Linnell A San Diego, California woman says she served as an FBI informant during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters. She testified for the defense that she was recruited by the agency to visit the refuge and was in Harney County from Jan. 12-23 at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, Patriot protesters dubbed “Vanilla Isis” by the MSM occupied the property for nearly six weeks, demanding that the federal government surrender the 188,000-acre property to local control. Linnell said she never witnessed any illegal activity during her time at the refuge, aside from one person impersonating law enforcement and that drugs and alcohol were not allowed. Mrs. Linell was apparently approached after being swept up in knowing a “Patriot” that had been arrested on murder charges in her travels. Terri Tells us how she got the nickname “Mama Bear” and explains how and why she was a Patriot and an F.B.I. Informant simultaneously.
Brand Thornton Joins us in the second hour to set the record straight regarding Terri, and some events that tragically led to the death of Robert LaVoy Finicum. Mr. Thornton was also in charge of setting Ammon Bundy’s Itinerary at the time and explains that though some have blamed Terri for offering information to the FEDS that got someone killed, that could not be the case. Chuck and Vince do their best to allow these first-hand witnesses to tell their story. Vince has been a long-time friend of the show and Chuck’s. He brought this interview together where for the first time Mrs. Linell is given gentle direction in telling some aspects of this story in her own words. There is always more to it, but we hope this show has informed you a bit more about the situation. Also covered is the individuals targeted, what Mrs. Linell testified to in court, and what was the point of taking over the facility in the first place. The Chow Hall was where Terri was much of the time she spent there, but would she do things the same way if given a chance to do it again? What was her connection to “Oath Keepers” previously? Listen and find out

mama bear constitutional freedom

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mama bear constitutional freedom


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mama bear constitutional freedom

The Ochelli Effect 4-9-2018 Terri Linell, Brand Thornton, and Vince Easley