Major Moral Hypocrisy Thor Smash

Popcorn Politics 8-25-2020 Ted Edmonson and Eric Cunningham

Major Moral Hypocrisy Thor Smash

(Notes From Dylan)

In this episode of Popcorn Politics, Ted Edmonson and I talk about political hypocrisy in the cases of Aaron Coleman and Jerry Falwell. After Coleman’s upset primary victory, the Democratic party unendorsed him due to a verifiable case where Coleman extorted a classmate for nude photos and threatened to leak what he had received if she didn’t send more. Some on the left, Ryan Grim and Glenn Greenwald most prominently, defended Coleman by arguing that the fact that he was 13 at the time, meant that it didn’t matter. This completely ignores that he’s only 19 now, and still faces troubling allegations! The left self cannibalizes at every opportunity and arguing that Coleman should be forgiven while lambasting Trump and Biden for far less egregious allegations reeks of hypocrisy. And, unlike much political hypocrisy, this won’t help Coleman or the left advance in its goal.

In hour 2, Eric Cunningham joins me to discuss Taika Waititi’s Thor Ragnarok. Thor Ragnarok is the perfect example of the quintessential Marvel film. It combines great humor with solid character development and actual stakes. The themes boil down to family and identity. Our main protagonists are lost, Thor without his family, home, or purpose, Valkyrie, Loki, Thor, even Hela. Similarly to Jojo Rabbit, Taika Waititi manages to balance all these arcs and extremely dark scenarios with some of the funniest dialogue in the MCU. Don’t misunderstand though, this movie is all direction, almost half of the humor is improvised. It takes a deft hand to know when to reign it in and when to let your actors go. The visual style is also distinctly Taika, it looks vastly different than another phase 3 films in all the best ways. Thor Ragnarok is Marvel at its best, you won’t find many films that balance a conflict in a tone so effectively, it’s worth a watch by every science fiction lover.

Ted Edmonson: @ElderEdmonson on Twitter
Eric Cunningham: @decunningham2 on Twitter

(End of Notes From Dylan)

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Major Moral Hypocrisy Thor Smash

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