Mainstream Q anon

The Ochelli Effect 9-7-2018 Chuck Solo

The Ochelli Effect 9-7-2018 Chuck Solo

Chuck goes solo on a Friar’s day night. The Ochelli Effect gets calls from Tech, Regular Joe and Meria Heller.

The power of the pen is in focus as we get perspective on the most recent version of an unnamed insider steering the government while remaining nameless, and faceless.

Does any rational listener think a privileged elitist will pay for any of their sins? Really?

Other news and views get handled as well. Tech talks about the algorithms and what they are really doing.

Mainstream Q anon

Regular Joe talks about the song of the south on auto-tune. Meria Heller is the mouth that roars like the MGM Lion accept she is Meria Heller.

Are you afraid yet? Don’t be. The world is a stage and we are not getting the good seats. The circus has rolled through every town.

Is Trump Gods choice? Country reality stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of stupid.

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Mainstream Q anon – The Ochelli Effect 9-7-2018 Chuck Solo