Love Boat Bannon Finding Meaning

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-21-2020 No Guest

Love Boat Bannon Finding Meaning

AoT #283

Those who most rigidly follow the rules do so in hopes that those rules are an accurate metric for gauging reality. The truth of the matter lies far beyond these confines. Just as a small insect can fly easily through the massive gap in a wire fence, so too can we breeze through the confines that so many others try to enforce upon us in this world.

topics include: truth, independent media, human needs, finding meaning, consciousness, mind, philosophy, human history and prehistory, foreseeing the future, clarity, happiness, prison

Utp #190

The American public will not sit by idly as Donald Trump plans to unleash a sword-wielding band of jackbooted thugs to enforce his martial law. Uncle tells the people what they can do in the face of this tyranny.

topics include: swords, big download numbers on the podcast, Top Gun the only one not released, comics, politics, 2020 election, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, face masks, cowboy hats, the people, social media voting, Steve Bannon, living on a yacht, holding the bible

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Love Boat Bannon Finding Meaning

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