Lord Zenu Pleased Trump Not

Popcorn Politics 12-1-2020 Eric Cunningham

Lord Zenu Pleased Trump Not

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I discussed the recent lawsuits filed by the Trump team as well as an interesting new multiracial coalition developing on the right.

The lawsuits were something we were loathed to talk about, but they began impacting everything around them, especially the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

We had a debate over how impactful this distrust in the process will be soon because unlike usual, these attacks are coming from the top-down. We also discussed Mark Walker’s announcement for Senate in North Carolina. Walker’s announcement represents a shift on the right towards a multiracial coalition that includes older black voters and Native American voters. This makes sense given the 2020 results in Miami Dade and the Rio Grande Valley.

The only person who could throw a wrench in that strategy though is Donald Trump, who’s teasing a 2024 comeback bid.

In hour 2, Eric and I discussed Mission Impossible Fallout, a film that exemplifies action done right.

This film doesn’t have a deep story with huge twists and turns, it has enough to satisfy, but it’s a movie that primarily rests on the direction from Christopher McQuarrie. McQuarrie films his action in such a way that you can always follow along with the characters or object that’s in focus. You’re never confused about where you are in the space or what the characters are doing.

The actors also all turn in great performances. Tom Cruise is obviously insane, but it works to the benefit of this film as all the stunts are practical and done by Cruise. Overall this movie is visually stunning and narratively adept enough to thoroughly entertain me.

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Lord Zenu Pleased Trump Not

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