Lois Lane Still Sucks Senate

Popcorn Politics 3-3-2020 Johnny Ruffier and Jeffrey Matte

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Lois Lane Still Sucks Senate

(Notes from Dylan)

In this episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest J Miles Coleman and I discussed the 2020 US Senate elections.
We delved into the history of crossover voting and how the top of the ticket influences down-ballot performances.
Starting with Arizona’s Senate race between Mark Kelly and Martha McSally, we discussed how the demographic shifts in Arizona have slowly been making it more Democratic, the suburbs turning against Trump had a major influence on that.

Miles argues that Mark Kelly is such a strong candidate that this race isn’t as close as it theoretically should be. Arizona is still a tossup state nationally, but it seems that no matter who they vote for President, Kelly holds an advantage.

We also discussed North Carolina. Cal Cunningham is running to unseat incumbent Thom Tillis. Neither are fantastic candidates, both are fairly unknown despite having been in North Carolina politics prior. What makes this race interesting is that despite crossover voting becoming less common nationally, it’s still very much alive in North Carolina. We discuss those races and much more!

In hour 2, Daniel Louis Crumpton joins me to discuss one of my favorite films, Man of Steel.

Man of Steel is a subtext rich, a visual feast. This film presents the idea of morality in a way that no Superman adaptation has before.

Superman was always an infallible icon, but in Man of Steel, he struggles, he questions himself. He’s still an icon, but he’s a relatable one.

We talk about General Zod and his single-minded focus on conquering Earth to restore Krypton as an entry point to a larger discussion about Kal El representing choice and how that’s important for the messiah story.

Lois Lane Still Sucks Senate

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Lois Lane Still Sucks Senate – Popcorn Politics 3-3-2020 Johnny Ruffier and Jeffrey Matte