Live consciousness raising method

Live consciousness raising method

The Ochelli Effect 3-9-2018 Tony Sayers

The real world radical ideas of those who seek to raise consciousness. Tony Sayers is an author who explains that actions combined with learning and unlearning will be the way forward. Not a New age , but an age of the new. With an aim and approach beyond the average claims of many others Tony talks about the practical use of shifting paradigms , the damage done by people is imense , but the many solutions that can be imagined with courage and care and beyond number. Is the appeal to authority the driven force that has over-run generation after generation? How many mind control levels are there in the grand matrix of the unreal reality we find ourselves in? Is joy a reward all it’s own? What future do we as people deserve? and is our limited desire defined by limits from within? Many layers to the basket of onions in need of peeling. Fate , faith , and forces of nature are all considered. and this is merely a hint at the content of the conversation Chuck and Tony have on this Friars Day discussion. Tony’s latest book , “Are You Living , or Just Exsisting”? BTW seems former Ochelli Effect producer Tony Hurst played a roll in cover design. Meanwhile one man in Thailand and another in Georgia have one of those Revelations Through Conversation … Live consciousness raising method


Live consciousness raising method
The Ochelli Effect 3-9-2018 – Friday – Tony Sayers

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Live consciousness raising method

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