life versus death instinct

The Ochelli Effect 5-25-2018 Daniel Louis Crumpton

On this Friday Night Ochelli Effect, we discuss some of the implications of spiritual, political, and cultural messaging embedded in the recent Marvel Comics Movie, Infinity War. Daniel Louis Crumpton author/content creator joins Chuck to break down many aspects that are surely ignored elsewhere. Before the feature discussion gets underway, Daniel talks a bit about a meltdown that caused a former alleged friend of The Ochelli Effect to turn against Chuck and many others publicly. Chuck and Daniel went to see Infinity War Together and talk about their separate and mutual observations on the film, and it’s deeper meaning. A need to address the finding Satan in everything crowd arises. Audio from YouTuber “The Vigilant Christian” is played and critiqued. Meanwhile, a stream of consciousness discussion touches on the psychological, sociological, and literary contributions made by the film. The New World Order, life versus death instinct, The Pantheons of many gods, recent and ancient history all make their way into show’s flow.

life versus death instinct

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life versus death instinct

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life versus death instinct